Stop Complaining About People's Animosity For The Church, Perception Is Changed By Actions - Jesse Falodun

Stop Complaining About People's Animosity For The Church, Perception Is Changed By Actions - Jesse Falodun

It is common knowledge that people react oddly to the declaration that one is from the C&S fold. Once people hear you are C&S,  You hear counsels like, are you saved? Do you read the word? Ahhhh don't touch me, or you could hear surprising statements such as; you are not like them o, you are different, ah, am very sure you were not born there, etc... These comments are two-pronged, it's either people already feel bad for your so thought loss or they are surprised at why you are wasting in the fold or church...

The question is: Do C&S folks have a particular type of bad behavior? What gave birth to such nomenclature and generalization?

Ask yourself as a Youth in the fold, what examples are you giving out. Do people think you Christian before they find out your denomination or they react with a "No wonder sigh" when they find out the church you attend?

In this dispensation, it is expedient that the youths and members of the fold understand that the world is watching. Beyond our Psalms and Hymns, people want to see life in us.

How crazy will it be that a person meets five(5) C&S youths without passion for God, engaging in vices and likes? How do you want such a person to reason? 

Today I again changed the perception of people about the church. Not by explaining doctrines, or myself to them, but because at first contact, they knew of which spirit I operated, therefore, when they heard my Church was C&S, surprise overwhelmed them and they wanted to learn more about the church and our doctrines.

It's high time we stopped producing, "NO WONDER" people, where our Acts and what we portray outside Tally with the wrong perceptions people have of the church. Stop complaining about people's hatred for your Church, perception is changed by actions. Become a life-giving, Jesus revealing person in every conversation, opportunity and at all times. If men spoilt the image of the Church, Men should fix it. This is a clarion call to all youths, Change the perception of at least two people per week. If a million people do that, in a week we just retouched 2million perceptions about the church. imagine what we will do in a year. But note, don't argue doctrines, become an example and see. Become a force to be reckoned with. 
Scriptures speaking Acts 4:13, speaks of how the actions of the disciples portrayed their connection with Jesus. In like manner, to change the wrong perception and image of the church we must begin to act like CHRIST.

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