Seraphstories is a multi-dimensional media outlet that serves as the mouthpiece of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church worldwide. Seraphstories is aimed at engaging the members of the church through ongoing activities and happenings such as stories, news, events, etc, around the church as well as portray the spirit of oneness within the fold. Our calling as media is to drive change, innovations, and inspire our generation. What is known as Seraphstories today, started with a school campus fellowship tagged "Sunday stories" However, Seraphstories started operations in October 2018 with the purpose of propagating the gospel of Christ and changing the public mindset about the Church, putting into consideration that as the world is undergoing metamorphosis, so are the youths evolving. Over the years, Seraphstories has experienced a magnificent growth with over 50,000+ followers across various social media platforms, with 300+ articles releases, 500+ events covered, and outstanding interviews with over 100 ministers of God, within the C&S fold. Seraphstories is a team of young, staunch and devoted C&S youths passionate about the growth of the Church with so much determination to change the Church for the better. Seraphstories team is centered around Christ, for he is the foundation that birthed the vision.

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