Sink Unnecessary Self Centeredness, Political Expediency And Save US From Bleeding; Baba Alao Speaks To The Nigerian Government

Sink Unnecessary Self Centeredness, Political Expediency And Save US From Bleeding; Baba Alao Speaks To The Nigerian Government

His Most Eminence, Prophet Dr. Solomon Adegboyega Alao, The Supreme Head, Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria while addressing Pressmen at the press conference to usher in the 2020 Annual General Conference said “I challenge the government to sink unnecessary self-centeredness, political expediency and save us from further bleeding. We do not need experts' intervention to solve these lingering problems which are retarding our economic development. The factors that breed corruption are tackled from the root, stem, and branch, hence, the starting point should be with political office holders and uniformed men and women at road and borders", He said.

The year’s conference with the theme “Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent” which is to be hosted by the Sacred C&S church (one of the first five constituent churches under the C&S Unification Church) at their General Headquarters Ashi Road Bashorun, Ibadan, Oyo State. Baba Olori said it is very significant being the first at the beginning of the new decade and the new political administration in the host state.  He expressed that this year’s conference is to ensure with renewed determination a virile, unified, indivisible vision fulfilled Pentecostal Cherubim and Seraphim Church and a pride to Africa in particular under one Shepherd to fulfill the dream of the founder St. Moses Orimolade Tunolase.

 The Supreme head stated some achievements of the church in which the first African Pentecostal Organisation is now becoming a role model in Christendom. He admitted that, despite the bad eggs in the fold, we remain a denomination to reckon with notwithstanding the crass ignorance of most fanatic critics. "I am a proud Seraph". Our enviable achievement of being the first Christian denomination to plant our flag at the United Nations in New York, United States of America and currently putting in place a first-class university at Omu-Aran.

On our country Nigeria, the number one Seraph said the country and our leaders need our ceaseless prayers. It would be a self-deceit to conclude that all is well! As a Priest, Prophet and parent both spiritually and biologically, I am not comfortable with what I see and what I smell. On various challenges facing our country, " The security situation is gradually becoming more complex with the addition of farmers and herdsmen's incessant conflicts resulting in avoidable loss of lives of citizens. The Supreme head thereby urges the president that Animal husbandry should be the very least of the priority of any of the three tiers of Government in the face of the more attention-seeking situations. He said it is the right time to develop a political will to restructure this country with a view to taking too many loads off the Federal Government. " We should give serious thoughts about going back to Regional Federalism. I am not suggesting shifting of the State boundaries, but a simple amendment in our constitution to permit resource control by each state as it was, during the time of our Founding Fathers.
The clergyman gave his words on the just security outfit code-named "Amotekun" put in place by the six governors in South-western states. He appeals to the federal government to ensure the success of Amotekun and encourage other states to follow suit so that day in day out, our Commander-In-Chief will sleep better with his two eyes closed." He should never be misled as it was the case in 1965 when the wild west was burning but the Cabals were telling our leader that West is Calm".

He spoke on the ever-rising rate of unemployment and especially the rigorous stress and unkind treatment in which pensioners are subjected to. He suggested, "Since Pensionable benefits are guaranteed for five 5years after retirement, why not introduce Medical certificate of continued existence to replace the current practice of the physical presence of pensioners ". Moreover, on the minimum wage of 30,000 from 18,000 (a rise of some 66%), I await the after-effects.
The fight against corruption should be pursued with renewed determination. Cost of governance is reduced by means of sacrifices. The government should pursue with great vigour and efforts to recover our stolen money.
Lastly, He said that all three tiers of government should consider handing off indirect involvement in anything religion but limit itself to oversight functions. It is not the business of the Government to decide for which God or gods I worship and should completely stop funding religious pilgrimage in any form and the huge expenses for the benefits of all Nigerians and not for a few pilgrimage-thirsty Nigerians.

He also insisted on a pull-out of the country from the O.I.C(Organization of Islamic Council) or any other religious body of which Nigerian is a member, whether local, regional or international and handing over all institutions of learning taken over by any Government to their owners. We do not sage to tell us that adding religious problems to our mirage of problems is complicating the complications.


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