Seraph Ambassadors invites you to Word Conference 2020 - "THE MAN JESUS"

Seraph Ambassadors invites you to Word Conference 2020 - "THE MAN JESUS"

All is set for the annual edition of the life-changing event tagged "Word Conference" powered by the Seraph Ambassadors. This year's edition with the theme "The Man Jesus" holding 30th to 31st, October 2020 at the Praying Band C&S Church, 1, Akintan Street, off Luth Road, Mushin, Lagos. 

The Seraph ambassadors is a forum of the C&S church committed to transforming the church by inspiring every individual to embrace Christian and moral values towards developing a positive self-image for the church and there on a mission to cultivate a moral standard to enable the church to catalyze transformation and also using the mandate bestowed on the church to propel the gospel.

In a statement by the host, Prophet Erijide Adeniji, He said, "Many believe in Jesus of Nazareth and know what He did in the first century. He was born as the Son of God and suffered and died for our sins. But do you know what He did before His human birth? Do you know what Jesus Christ is doing now? And what He will do in the future?

From the Scriptures, we learn that the entire universe was created through the Divine being who became Jesus Christ; that He is part of the Godhead but not part of a trinity. By understanding the fullness of who Jesus is, we grasp the magnitude of His all-encompassing sacrifice and understand the purpose of His death, burial, and resurrection!

We invite you to this life-changing programme as we unravel the magnificent personage known as Jesus of Nazareth, featuring seasoned ministers of God."

The year’s word conference promises to be a lifetime encounter in his presence as our God is set to do a new thing, He said.

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