Mother Ajayi gives scholarship to Tunmise Adeyemi, Psalm 119 reciter

Mother Ajayi gives scholarship to Tunmise Adeyemi, Psalm 119 reciter

Less than three months after changing the life of an orange-selling boy during the "Celebrate the Comforter" in July 2019, the world renowned Evangelist and philanthropist Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi has given scholarship to Miss Tunmise Esther Adeyemi. 

Tunmise had taken thousands of congregation at the 94th Seraphim Day Celebration on a breath-taking experience by excellently reciting the whole of Psalm 119.

The Psalm is the longest chapter in the Bible with 176 verses. 

Immediately after reciting the psalm, the Legal Adviser of the Church, Supt Apostle General Wale Taiwo (SAN), gave Tunmise N100, 000 in appreciation of her brilliance.

Also the Supreme Head of the Church, His Most Eminence,  Dr. Prophet Solomon Adegboyega Alao has volunteered to mentor her and urged Tunmise  to continue to make the C & S proud. 

"From today, you are my daughter, I will mentor you", Baba Alao said. 

But Mother Ajayi who heard about Tunmise's exploit initiated her coming for the programme and encouraged the Planning Committee to include reciting of Psalm 119 in the program of event for the day. 

The international Evangelist and recent recipient  of "Defender of Israel" Award and her husband, Reverend Ademuyiwa Ajayi  followed Tunmise with rapt attention  by opening their  Bible to ensure Tunmise actually read it as they have heard about her. 

"Oh my God, this is fantastic, the whole Psalm 119", Mama Ajayi said as the young Seraph got to Chapter 176 without any mistake, Mama Ajayi jumped up from her seat and embraced Tunmise who was being cheered by the congregation. 

Rev. mother Ajayi instantly awarded her  scholarship and promised to ensure she had the best of education anywhere in the world. 

Tunmise, who is a part 2 Law student at the University of Ibadan had represented the Youth Fellowship of The Eternal Sacred Order of The Cherubim & Seraphim in many Bible quiz competitions and won laurels. She is also a Poet and a chorister at The Eternal Sacred Order of the C & S Irawo Owuro, Isheri Oshun Road, Ikotun Lagos. 

Tunmise said, "Mama Ajayi had spoken to me on Monday  evening about the scholarship and she is already working it out with my dad. I am most grateful to her. We all look up to her as the face of Seraph and she is the best thing to happen to the Christendom at this  period not only to white garment churches. God will continue to bless her. I am also happy to be named Easter".

She also thanked her mother, Mother in Israel Grace Adeyemi for asking her to study Psalm 119 and recite it during the Juvenile anniversary of her local church in 2015.

She said, "The whole story started from my mother when she asked me few days to celebrate our Children anniversary to recite Psalm 119. I said it was not possible but she pleaded with me to give it a trial   and I was surprised to make it then.  I was only 14 years old and SSS 2 then. But she kept on encouraging me to constantly read it. She is a mother in a million and a huge pillar of support".

She urged her fellow youths to see themselves as agents of change that will make Seraph better and use their talents for what will uplift the Christendom and C & S in particular. "I am always proud to be a Seraph", She concluded. 

Tunmise is the daughter of the Chief PRO of the C & S Unification Church of Nigeria, Snr Supt Apostle Muyiwa Adeyemi. 

He thanked Mother Ajayi for her burning desire to uplift the church and assist many young talented Christians to achieve their dreams. 

"I am aware that she recently gave schorlaship to about 10 young Seraphs and I am also sponsoring computer literacy in Israel. She is indeed, the Easter of our time. God will continue to bless her and her family".

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