Moses Orimolade University: History has been made!

Moses Orimolade University: History has been made!

History was made as the land of Omuaran experienced a massive turnout of seraphs for the Seraph Passionate Night of Breakthrough at the Moses Orimolade University  and the commissioning of the road the road that led to the Moses Orimolade University named Esther Abimbola Ajayi Road. 

The Baba Aladura, His Most Eminence Pro. Dr. Solomon Adeboyega Alao JP in his speech said that people should be proud of their identity being a seraph and should be grateful being a C&S member and being alive at this time. He also said that C&S being the first Pentecostal church in Africa; that we are back to take our mandate and also as a role model in the christendom that all C&S church members should live as role models in all their endeavours. 
The Baba Aladura also insisted that every member should take part in the upcoming election and shouldn't get themselves involved in election malpractices.

The Iya Adura of our time, Rev. Esther Abimbola Ajayi said that it's the Good Lord who has started this great work amidst the seraph and she has been fulfilling her mandate as a seraph. She also implore every other members and all mother churches to be well involved in the growth of the Moses Orimolade University, that they should imitate the C&S Movement church who just did a ground breaking ceremony for the College Building.

In all, Prof. Sanni the Chairman of the Planning and Implementation Committee gives glory and honour to God for He who said He has built the University has showed His powerful hand, and he also shared his experiences over 13years 
In his speech, he was grateful to Iya Adura and implore all the congregation to appreciate the family of Rev. Esther Abimbola Ajayi for making God use them at this point in time 

Finally,We are grateful to God of Moses Orimolade Tunolase for He has made the impossible be possible and has made us partakers of this divine moment. Cherubim and Seraphim church now owns a university that is now a history.

God Bless Cherubim & Seraphim Church...
God Bless the Generation of Moses Orimolade

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