How I Memorised the Bible's Longest Chapter - Tunmise Adeyemi

How I Memorised the Bible's Longest Chapter - Tunmise Adeyemi

At the 94th Seraphim Day Anniversary, a memorable feat was achieved by a young lady called Tunmise Adeyemi. The scripture says, "Have you seen a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings and not mere men", moreso,  consistency is the new speed. Tunmise Adeyemi recited the whole chapter of Psalm 119 which is the legendary longest chapter in the Bible with 176 verses. She shared with us on how she memorized the longest chapter in the Bible in an interview with Seraph Stories correspondent Gideon Akog. 

SS: Tell us about yourself?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: I am Adeyemi Oluwatunmise Esther Abisoye. A 200 level law student of the University of Ibadan.

SS: How did you get to memorize the scripture?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: 😂😂😂That's something I can't explain myself. It is actually a very strenuous process and mentally tasking.
First of all, God gave me the gift of a sharp memory, I am a very fast memorizer. But this one actually posed a challenge to me, there is a difference between memorizing and recalling what you memorized. Also, there's a difference between recalling what you memorize and facing a crowd. So I just thank God for the grace.

SS: Wow. That's is really interesting

SS: So any motivation to why you decided to memorize and read psalm 119?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: It wasn't a personal decision, my mother actually told me to read it for a Children's Day Anniversary in the year 2015, first Sunday in May to be precise, I actually thought it impossible. I wasn't a machine, so there was no way I could (that was my thought then). So one afternoon, I was bored and decided to give it a trial. I actually planned to memorize not more than 60 verses. But I found out as I was memorizing it, it was sticking fast, and I was like 'Tunmi, you can do this!'. And to God's glory, I did.

SS: That is really fascinating.

SS: If i may ask what is your method for assimilation?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: Lol. I read one verse and memorize it. Then I read the second verse and also memorize it. Then I read the both first and second verses smoothly. I do that, till I get to the end.

SS: Isn’t that time tasking?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: It is segment by segment.

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: Psalm 119 has one hundred and seventy six (176) verses and it's  divided into 22 segments. Each segment contains 8 verses, so I memorized 5 segments which is 40 verses first. I memorized it till I was able to reproduce it with no hitch. Then I moved on to the next 3 or 5 segments which is 24 verses and also memorized it with no hitch. Then I started again from verse 1-64, saying it till there was no hitch.Then I moved on to other verses.It actually took me 4 days to memorize but I did lots of rehearsals not to have any hitch.Memorizing wasn't the problem, recalling it was the issue.

SS: What is your greatest strength/weakness?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: My greatest strength is quick memorization. My greatest fear is facing a crowd.

SS: Where do you see yourself in five years?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: Lol. Without ASUU strike or whatsoever strike, I should be doing my Masters in Law. In the next five years, I see myself as a big spoken word artiste, writing my poems and inspiring people. I see myself making Seraph proud and a voice for the voiceless.

SS: Who is your role model?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: My role model is everyone great in life, everyone who still hold on to the tinniest rope even when there is nothing to live for. Great men that do not live for themself alone but for the masses.My role models are those who climb mountains just to leave trails for people to follow.

SS : What is your advice for teenagers who aspire to be like you?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: I will advise them to keep calm, don’t measure anyone's success with yours. I will also advise them to celebrate with people who are celebrated with a free mind. When you celebrate people, people will come back to celebrate you. They should know their worth, know God places an high value on them and they shouldn't bring it down for anything.

 SS: What are your plans for C&S with this great privilege given to you?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: This is a nice question.
I have always had to deal with questions on why I go to a white garment church by my Pentecostal friends. They see us as being fetish and not worded. By God's grace, I started to break the barriers. Many of my friends who hated the fold, because of me had a changed mindset about the church and started attending our programs.
So with this new privilege, I just want to make Seraph proud, let people know we are not this uneducated, ungodly, unintellectual or backward people they perceive we are.

SS: What do you have to say to your fans out there? 

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: I just want to tell them I love them all. I am someone because they see me as someone.I promise to always make them proud and I really appreciate them.

SS: Do you have any shoutout?

ADEYEMI TUNMISE: Shout out to my parents and siblings. Shout out to everyone still surviving despite all odds. Shout out to Bro Jide Lawal, Gideon Akinsulire, Taiwo &Kenny Akeke , all Unificationists, all Irawo Owuro members.

SS: Thanks for taking out time to share this with us. But remember you know your potential and the great things you are capable of. So use the naysayers as your inspiration and keep pushing ahead.
Never give up on the fight until you win the belt.Keep making us proud.


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