Can we meet you ma? 
My name is Lady Prophet Funmi Arojah Owolabi JP, the prophetess in charge of Cherubim and Seraphim Church Mountain of Goodness and Mercy at 11,Mulero street, Agege.

Can you give us a brief of how you became born again? 
I became born again when I was in school, actually Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. I met with Christ when I was in 300l at Ojere. I got to know Christ through Bro. Tunji Sulaimon of blessed memory who was the choir coordinator, he really helped my christian life. 

Were you born into the C&S fold or as time went by you joined the C&S church? 
I was born into the Church of the Lord Aladura, Aguda.

Tell us about your ministry, How you started and the journey so far? 
The ministry started as a fellowship, about 11years ago. I was at my former church ministering on the pulpit when I heard  a loud voice in my ear which said "Get out of here" at EL-BETHEL SHILOH CATHEDRAL, AGEGE. We started from a fellowship to a small christian group which now became a church. 

What can you say about the C&S church?
Personally I have passion for the C&S church, I wasn't born into the C&S church, my grandparents were Methodists and we found ourselves in the Lord Aladura. My husband took me to C&S at the age of five(5), so i started having passion for the church. I know and believe that if we intensify our efforts, get back to the scriptures and stop making noise; then according to the rules laid down in the scriptures, we would see ourselves in a different way and then we don't need to tell people that this is what C&S is all about.

How did the Lady Prophet in your name came about? 
It happen actually last year while praying, it came to my thought that ‘I am different’. God took me to 1 Pet 2:9 and He said to me ‘you are peculiar, you know there are lady pastors, lady evangelist, so I want you to be a lady prophet'. Since then I started refering to myself as a lady prophet. It is not a thing i stumbled at, it was what God spoke to me about.

In recent time with what is happening in the prophetic ministry, what did you think can be done?
We need the word, everything is based on the word. Most prophet don't know the scriptures. The only thing that is missing is the word of God because everything we need is right there in the word. I pray that God help us appreciate the word.

What is your advice to the C&S Youth? 
We need to be hardworking, focus, courageous, determined and persistent. Most of the youths nowadays are not persistent. When you are not persistent you don't get results. We shouldn't stop midway in anything we are doing, we should endeavour to always be persistent in it, as the scriptures says "Ibeere ki se onise". Also the bible says the race is not for the swift, we should learn to be bold and strong. We should be focused like Christ and on our race there should be no competition, ‘Oju orun to eye fo layi faragba ra won’. The only person you should compete with is yourself. Let us get back into the word of God because it is going to help our life alot.

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