Esther Akintola the Best Graduating Student Says Great Achievements are Results of Hardwork.

Esther Akintola the Best Graduating Student Says Great Achievements are Results of Hardwork.

A memorable feat was achieved by a C&S member named Esther Akintola who emerged as the overall best graduating student of the Federal Polythenic,Ilaro.The extraordinary lady shared her story and how she achieved her goal with our correspondent Gideon Akog.

SS: Please tell us about yourself.

Esther Modupe Akintola:  My name is Akintola Esther Modupe, from Office Technology and Management department, School of Communication and Information Technology, Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun state. I am a Native of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

SS:  How did you come about being the best student of your set?

Esther Modupe Akintola:  You know, in this world  everything is possible, what we need is determination, I must admit that God's grace and my determination in life have contributed immensenly to my success. When they say that good luck is preparation meeting opportunity, they also refer to success, because it comes to those who truly distinguish themselves through preparation and make the best use of the opportunity and advantage they have. During my school days, I love reading a lot. Whenever I'm back from classes, I do relax a little then take my books and read, I had a quote in my room which says "WHAT HAVE I GAINED TODAY". So anytime I looked at that quote, I do make sure that I achieved something every day.
I did not only dream about success but I also worked for it. I didn't only rely on the things I was taught in class but I also carried out research, whenever we do borrowed courses, I met with students taking it as their main course to explain more to me. I then combine everything together to make a single note.With all these and God's grace, I made it to the top.

SS: If I may ask, what is your method for assimilation?

Esther Modupe Akintola:  Actually I don't have any method. The only thing is that during my school days, I do assimilate more when I read alone than when I read with friends or do group reading.I also noticed that when I read with friends, we used to switch from reading to gisting. 

SS:  Tell us about the challenges or conflict you've faced and how you dealt with it?

Esther Modupe Akintola: Challenges of different nature arose. One of it was financial challenge especially when I wanted to pay my final year school fee. Then I went through a lot. You know my mum is a retired teacher and my dad is late, but thank God for my excellent performance during my HND 1, I won an award so God used Dr. Jesusina for me.

SS:  Who is your role model?

Esther Modupe Akintola:  My role model is Mr Jimoh Tajudeen, a lecturer in the department of Office Technology and Management.

SS:  Where do you see yourself in five years?

Esther Modupe Akintola:  I see myself in great places although I still have plan to further my education now. In the next five years, I will be among successful women in the world.

SS: Was your church a contributory factor to this huge success?

Esther Modupe Akintola: Let me say yes, because they do organize prayer meeting for all members and also celebrate those with excellent performances.

SS:  What are your plans for C&S church with this great privilege given to you?

Esther Modupe Akintola:  My plan for C&S is to continue to make C&S proud and to as well do everything in my capacity to make sure I lift C&S members up especially the youths.

SS: What are your advice for teenagers who aspire to be like you?

Esther Modupe Akintola:  I'll advise teenagers who wish to be like me to always put their best in whatever they do. They should not only dream about success but also work for it. They should not depend only on what they are taught in class but do more research. Finally they should pray well because with God all things are possible.

SS:  What would you like people to remember about you?

Esther Modupe Akintola:  What I would like people to remember about me is that the reward for my hard work is sweet and I must say I deserve it, my determination, courage and God's grace has earned me this success and glory.

SS:  What's your favorite hymn? 

Esther Modupe Akintola:  
Ore bi Jesu kosi laiye yi, 
On nikan lore otito, 
Ore aye yi le ko wa sile,
Sugbon Jesu ko je gbagbe mi. 
A ko je gbagbe mi.....

SS: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Esther Modupe Akintola:  My message to my fans is that this great achievement is the result of my hardwork. So I want to tell my fans to not only dream about success but also work for it.

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