Egbe (Band) and Ijo (Church) can coexist together, Prophet Mike Ajayi admonish Seraphs.

Egbe (Band) and Ijo (Church) can coexist together, Prophet Mike Ajayi admonish Seraphs.

The shepherd in charge of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church, New Covenant Model Parish, Ikorodu, Prophet Mike Ajayi spoke the issue of Egbe and Ijo. He said it has nothing to do with God’s mandates and vision upon which Saint Moses Orimolade ministry was commissioned and that both can co-exist together. Read his full statement below.

#Egbe_Kerubu or #Ijo_Kerubu?
(Egbe or Ijo)
Times without numbers, I have read and heard several arguments for or against the name: (Egbe or Ijo).

As far as the Church history in Nigeria is concerned, Cherubim & Seraphim happens to be one, if not the only African instituted church that has not experienced a constant change of name since her inception in 1925.

Before 1930, CAC started as a Band(Egbe) too and has experienced several changes of names more than 3 times within a centenary according to the history I studied: The following were the previous names of CAC:
a. Christian Apostolic Church
b. Nigerian Apostolic Church
c. United Apostolic Church
d. Christ Apostolic Church (Current name).
Evangelist Daniel O. Akinsanmi can testify to the above.

As deep as I studied church history, I realized that ECWA Church has also changed names more than 10 times within the 2 generations. In 1954, after the World-War II, ECWA changed her name from S.I.M to ECWA--Evangelical Church of West Africa, and in 2011, this same ECWA effected another change in the full meaning of her name to: Evangelical Church of Winning All (ECWA), the same acronym but different full meaning.
Pastor Paul Adekunle Adesola can also testify to this.

Dear readers, I want you to know that addressing C&S as Ijo-(Church) or Egbe-(Band) has nothing to do with God’s mandates and vision upon which Pa Orimolade ministry was commissioned, and; it cannot be our problem as far as my knowledge can carry me.

Language translation has being a major challenge of this generation and we need to understand the needs to make proper findings before making some arguments both online or in the church especially those who are representing us in public places.

For instance, the word “Church (Ijo)’’ according to the original Greek “ekklesia” meant "a Gathering, Assembly", and, “Band (Egbe)” can be said to means “Assembly of a group of people who share the same interests or beliefs, or who have joined together for a special purpose”

We can see here that both Ijo and Egbe mean the same thing.
Amendment made on the hymn book from Egbe to Ijo shouldn't be too difficult for C&S whose majorities of her hymnals were from Anglican Church Hymns. At least 85% of C&S Hymns are from Anglican, Baptist, and other orthodox churches. If you don’t know, get it right today.
Let us be flexible to allow changes for growth and progress.

My point here is that we should keep moving forward and never dwell on the argument: Egbe or Ijo. Our priority should be a major assignment before us and put aside the minor so that we can actually achieve the goals of the church, sir.

Ko si Ija ni be.

PMA. Mike Adeniyi Ajayi 
2nd April, 2024.

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