'C&S won't move ahead except there's unity' - Pst. Fola Onafuye

'C&S won't move ahead except there's unity' - Pst. Fola Onafuye

Special Apostle. Pastor. Fola Onafuye, the newly inducted Supervising Pastor of the C&S Movement Church  (Worldwide) Pastors-in- Council has called on the church to work in unity to achieve the purpose and the mandate of her founders. Onafuye, who came into office in February 2021, made this call in an interview with pressmen after his lecture at the C&S Unification Church of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter yearly seminar on Friday, June 25, 2021.

Speaking at the seminar themed "C&S UNIFICATION IN LAGOS STATE: INTROSPECTION, IDEALS, AND EXPECTATIONS", he emphasised that except the church is united, there won't be progress.  "Except we work in unity,  we can't move ahead", he said.

Tracing the historical background of the church, the Pastor laid emphasis on having the right leader in the church.  

"If you lead well, the followers will follow well, he iterated

Furthermore, he implored the church to proactive in bringing together all churches and also said if the church was in one accord the Moses Orimolade university would have kicked off. Here are the responses to other questions by pressmen 

During your lecture, you said if Moses Orimiolade was alive, He will have changed some practices in the C&S church, Kindly buttress more on that, sir.

The way we do things that time was appropriate for that time but today it no more appropriate for today. So let look at our practices without changing the main doctrines of our church "Doctrines are rooted in the Bible while practices are not rooted in the Bible", practices are things we do that are good for us, that would be right for us to do and would help our administrations. If it no more helping us then we can change it. It is the only doctrine that is rooted in the Bible that cannot be changed. Most of the thing we do are not our doctrines, they are practice's 

As the head of Pastor for the CSMC, Kindly tell us your pastoral mandate for the church.
By the grace of God, we are teaching and prophesying integrity "Pastoral integrity ", we are looking toward the pastor's taking the church to a greater height, we are looking toward the pastor's improving the evangelism of the church. Though we are not an evangelist but yet you cannot do any evangelism without the pastors when the evangelist goes out, he brings the souls then it is the pastors that water it and make them developed. So, if we are not doing it right, then we are not helping the cause of evangelism. We are learning the proper way to grow the church, to increase the population of the kingdom of God, and not just working for ourselves. 

 In your lecture, You talked about anointing Pastors,  Tell us the criteria for the pastor's ordination in CSMC.
Firstly, for you to be a pastor in the church in C&S movement church,  you must be a born-again Christian. Secondly, you must have a pastoral calling, thirdly you must have at least a minimum of Diploma in theology and lastly, you must have been serving under your pastor who will recommend you for ordination. 

Tell us your prospect as the newly Supervising Pastor of the Pastor in Council.

 We want to use the platform of the council of the pastor(s) to grow the church itself, to do things right in the Church, to ensure that things are done appropriately, according to the Scriptures, to ensure we live the life of integrity, you see when you live the life of integrity people will learn from you, we don't just want to preach it to people but also live it, we want all pastors to live the life of integrity, in this way you will discover that so many people in the church will now become a change, their value system will change, their perception to the church will change, their perception to the kingdom will change. These are things we want to ensure that we do at all times.

Concerning the demise of Mama Fakeye, what do you have to say?
Mama was our mother in the true sense of the world, I came close to her in 1983, My first son is named Tosin and one of her daughters is also Tosin. Generally, people believe that anyone who bears the name Tosin is a bit rascal, so we brought together to pray for them. So the most amazing part is the way, mama prays for them and she still goes the extra mile to ask after the welfare of my son tosin so that brought us more closer and that also shows that mama is a mother in a million. Apart from that in the church, mama was easy-going and she has an aura around her that brings people close to her and you don't find that every person. Baba and  Mama Fakeye were special people who show love and bring people together.

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