Can we meet you sir?
My name is Pastor Dr Alo Olatokunboh Akin.I am a Pastor, Spiritual Strategist, Life-Transformation Speaker, Kingdom Expander, Impact Maker, Potential Development Expert, Author, Revivalist and Life Coach, dedicated to raising the youth for Christ and success in life. The anchor man of Transformation Hour Network International, Lagos, which is an online platform for the children of God, with an end of the year Life-Transforming program tagged: End Of The Year Release (EOTYR).                      
A Seraph from heaven, former Evangelism Secretary and presently the Deputy General Secretary of the Cherubim & Seraphim Church Unification Campus Fellowship (Nigeria and Overseas). An apt Teacher of the word of God, lecturing at two Bible Colleges for over 10 years, impacting, imparting and influencing the lives of the students at all levels and youths in general.
Can you give us a brief of how you became born again?
 I became born again in 1999 when I was in Offa, but later re-dedicated my life to God in 2001 and renewed my covenant of dedication at different times to make my salvation more genuine and fervent.
Were you born into the C&S fold or as time went by, you joined the C&S church
I've been a Seraph from heaven and was born into the fold on earth. My parents were C&S and so my mother's conception and delivery of me was in the church.
Tell us about your ministry. How you started and the journey so far?
I started the journey of ministry not really knowing that it was a ministry because I was the president of the campus fellowship where I was worshipping in 2005/2006, and I also graduated from Bible College in the same year.During my Youth Service, I served in two posts in my local govt, Prayer Coord and Evangelism Coord, so I started working as a minister in those places. But officially I can say I went full time in 2012/2013 after I resigned from the secondary school where I was teaching to prepare for the establishment of the Bible School of my church in July 2013, since then I've been working on full time basis in the Kingdom of God.
 What can you say about the C&S church?
The C&S church is a wonderful church, the vision and mandate of the Spiritual Father of our great church, like every other vision, had a time of little beginning and started on a local level. But, it is not a vision that can die or perish, it's a living vision and mandate with a global scope.So, the church has a fount or source that is pure, holy and glorious. But at a time, some errors and heresies crept into the church and the vision of God for the church became a mirage, but God is on the path of restoring it back to its original state of global relevance and Impact.
 What are some of the most important ideas and practices that will enhance the growth of a C&S church?
It will take knowing the actual vision of the church as practiced in the time of the founder, St Moses Orimolade Tunolase, like: Evangelism, Prayers, Signs and Wonders, Spiritual activities, guided by the Holy Ghost, not some magical strategies for spiritual operations.The church should be known to be different from other religions like the Indian temples. The church should increase its relevance not only in Christendom but also in the corporate, academic and social strata.

We should also encourage and embrace the five fold ministry of the church of Jesus Christ, not only elevating an office above others, and those in that elevated office are now using various means to retain relevance whereas they've gone off the path of spiritual progress. The church should encourage more study of the Word of God, fellowship with the people of God, praying according to the scriptures not just using the situation of people to raise prayer points.

We should review some of the old practices of the church and divide the ones that are: humanly-generated in the church, unbiblical doctrines and irrelevant teachings that have been indoctrinated by the past leaders, we need to check or weigh them with the Bible and discard the ones that are no more relevant and that may hinder or debar the church from being globally relevant.
How do we cultivate a sense of biblical, godly community in C&S church?
This question is hard to achieve humanly speaking, but with God all things are possible. It takes individuals coming into the reality of the truth of the scriptures. You know the church is made up of individuals, so when individuals are able to connect to the original source of Life, then God can use those individuals to provoke revival in the church. 
A lot of people have run into the errors and heresies of the past, but God is raising an army that will not be doctrinally limited or hindered, a generation that will fly the flag of the church on a global level, not only financially but also spiritually, corporately and economically.
Most of this set of the army are young, active and versatile in nature, they operate like the army that God sent in Joel 2 from verse 9 to 11, they run with chariots of fire and horses of the Spirit. When this army rises, others should also join them. Enrolling in the Army is simple, give our lives to Christ, submit to the leading and guidance of the Holy Ghost, attend Bible study and fellowship with other believers, live our lives in holiness and righteousness. This can be infiltrated into others through the individuals that have enrolled or are going to enroll in the kingdom army.

What is your advice to the C&S youths?
The C&S youth should not just swallow everything hook, line and sinker, they (including me) should learn to search with the help of the Holy Spirit according to 1st Corinthians 2: 10, we should search for the truth of the scriptures before we do anything. 
We should improve ourselves to the level of being able to interact with people at different levels of life and in different places. C&S students on campus should try to be the best among their mates, those that are not in school and learning one thing or the other, should also endeavor to be the best.
The youths should be more biblical by learning to study more and learn (if possible, attend Bible College for this). They should not discriminate but demonstrate the grace of God that's freely available.
The youths should explore the Spirit realm and connect to the present revelation position of God in order to operate according to the will of God in the now.They should integrate the knowledge of the fathers who went or are going in the way of God and apply it to their own life. One of our songs says, "anlo le s'odo Olorun, l'ona tawon Baba wa rin..." I was teaching by revelation about this recently and I said, the Babas here are not all the fathers, but those that walked uprightly in the path of spiritual progress. 
The youths should also encourage themselves to grow in the Lord. As we do this, God will help us and release His grace upon us in Jesus name.
 Lastly, is there any advice you have for the church that would make the fold better?
 We should generally undergo training and re-training. Imagine some people saying that C&S is not a church that organises seminar, this is an error, we should therefore take time to organise and/or attend seminars on leadership, church administration, church management, effective and impactful preaching, effective organization etc.The leaders at all levels should open themselves to learning new methods of doing things or leading. We should interrelate with other believers to grow and develop our spiritual lives.
Our churches overseas should improve on their ways of running the church to accommodate non-Nigerians, and really let the global scope of the church to come into reality. The church should pray and intercede for unbelievers and the nation at large for the kingdom to be fully established. 
The church is heaven established and so we should connect to the original source and download from there all the time. 
Thank you for this opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the church that God has called us into.

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