Cheser Media releases new hymnal single ‘Supplication‘

Cheser Media releases new hymnal single ‘Supplication‘

Cheser Media releases new hymnal single ‘Supplication ‘

Cheser Media Incorporation, the producer of Anathema documentary has released another hymnal track titled, “Supplication”.

Supplication comes after the documentary soundtrack, "Egbe Kerubu Ti Ye" which was premiered in 2022.

The new hymnal single features gospel acts which include: Nuel, ID Olohun Iyo, Israel Classic, Adedayo Sekere and Dare Fashola.

Produced by ID Tones with instrumentalist, Dimeji Onasanya also on the production team, Supplication is now available on various streaming platforms and Cheser Media TV on Youtube.

The Executive Producer, Pastor Samuel Ogunyooye said the song was inspired by the need to reckon with C&S hymnals.

He said, “It is a way to bring us back to where we are as Seraphs and music being a universal language will help us tell the world that we can make our request known to God through our songs. So we pick a few of our hymns and render them for the world to know our heritage as Aladura and that is our call.

Ogunyooye who is the Pastor in charge of Glory of God Cherubim and Seraphim in Dallas Tx also explained that "even when we can't find the right words in times of our worries and anxieties, C & S hymns are available to help us commune with our God."

“Besides, when you want to commune with your God, you quietly meditate on the songs and your soul is talking to your maker. That is how supplication came about. We want the world to know that we are those who pray and that we are Aladuras," he added.

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