C & S Leader Mourns Abule Ado Victims, Describes Blast National Tragedy

C & S Leader Mourns Abule Ado Victims, Describes Blast National Tragedy

The Supreme Head, Cherubim & Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria, His Most Eminence, Dr, Prophet Solomon Adegboyega Alao has described Abule Ado, Lagos state explosion, which killed over 23 people and saw many injured as a national tragedy.

He condoled with the families of those who lost their loved ones and prayed God to heal the victims receiving treatments in various hospitals in Lagos and urged government to pay adequate compensation to those who lost their valuable properties to the blast.

The Clergyman in a statement signed by the Chief P. R. O of the church, Apostle Muyiwa Adeyemi  called on the federal government to conduct a forensic investigation to unravel the cause of the blast, that was unprecedented in this part of the country, noted the allegation that Bethlehem High School that was badly affected, was the main target cannot be wished away.

Prophet Alao said the ruin that has become of the school and death of some female students and their Principal, Rev. Sister Henrietta Alokha should be seen as a national tragedy that must be thoroughly investigated.

He said, “We are not ruling out a pipeline explosion given the manner pipeline vandals have been operating with minimal checks, after all, there was a pipeline explosion in Abule Egba in January this year, but the blast in Abule Ado is more than that. The devastation was too much and that girls missionary school looks like the target.

He also described the Principal of the school, Rev. Sister Henrietta Alokha as Heroine and a classic example of how clergymen/women should be ready to sacrifice their lives to safe others. He noted that the Reverend Sister had every opportunity to escape death but she scarified her life to safe many young girls from being roasted to death.

The C & S leader  called on the governments at all levels to work together to protect pipelines in their domain because if pipeline vandals are not checked, they will continue to put innocent lives at risk.

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