95th Celestial Vision Anniversary - The Life and Vision of Captain Abiodun Emmanuel 

95th Celestial Vision Anniversary - The Life and Vision of Captain Abiodun Emmanuel 

The 95th Celestial Vision Anniversary to celebrate the vision of our dear mother Captain Abiodun Emmanuel which occurred on June 18th, 1925, led to the mission and accomplishment of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church worldwide.

Captain.Dr. Abiodun Emmanuel was born on 25th December 1907 into the Akinsowon family. Her father (Pa Benjamin Akindele Akinsowon) hailed from Abeokuta while the mother (Mrs. Elizabeth Zingbe Akinsowon) was from Port Novoin the present Republic of Benin. She was born into the Methodist church. At seventeen and half years old, on June 18th,1925, she was caught in a trance while watching the procession of the Catholic Church celebrating "Corpus Christ" from where she was rushed back to Saba Court residence where she was with her aunt Mrs.Comfort Hunnu-Mioett, wife of Elder Hunnu-Mioett who later became the first Superintendent Apostle of the C&S Society.

The trance which was occasioned by a glance at the chalice by the Catholic Archbishop was completely a strange occurrence at that time. Being the first of its kind. To find relief on the part of the family, Abiodun spoke audibly in Yoruba language on the 21st day of her spiritual journey. She(Abiodun) told her guidance to send for Saint Moses Orimolade Tunolase, a popular evangelist at that time, for prayers. St. Moses Orimolade Tunolase did not respond to his call because it was raining until the third attempt when Capt. Abiodun sent a message saying he should not mind the rain that can only drench the body and not the soul. At the instance of this message, St.Moses Orimolade got to Saba Court in the rain but his cloth was not wet at all even without using an umbrella. This incident brought Abiodun and Orimolade together.

Young Abiodun's trance lasted for 21days during which according to her, she was led by her guiding angel "Holy Michael" throughout the period in which she was taught many explainable and unexplainable spiritual tasks pertaining to the C&S, healing, prayers, and mankind in general.
 At the end of the spiritual journey, Captain Abiodun Emmanuel and St.Moses Orimolade teamed up to accomplish the task of Evangelism for Christ and this was the starting point of the formation of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church. In the Union, St. Moses Orimolade played the role of a leader, healer, and prayer warrior while Captain Abiodun played the role of Visioner, healer, and prayer warrior.

The dexterity of Captain Abiodun's spiritual gift was so powerful that when there was any spiritual assignment, St.Moses Orimolade was fond of this saying, "Omo àwa, kinni Olúwa ni ki a se" (Our child what is the LORD saying on this). The Organization was formerly named Seraphim Society through the grace said by Captain Abiodun Emmanuel on September 9th, 1925, and sometimes in March 1926. Cherubim was added through a dream by a foundation member and the organization became Cherubim and Seraphim Society because they are twin angels in heaven.

Capt. Abiodun was known to have led evangelical missions from Lagos to many towns in the Western Region like Agege, Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode, Ibadan, Ile-Ife, Ilesha, Ondo and the Ijaw areas in the Eastern part of Nigeria. It was her spiritual ability in healing the afflicted that later earned her title of "Doctor" while the outstanding performance in her evangelism earned her the title "Captain", a team Leader from Baba Orimolade. Her spiritual contributions to the government of Nigeria at that time earned her a publication in the Newswatch magazine "who's who in Nigeria" of 1980. She was later ordained the Supreme Head,(Olori) of the C&S Unification Church of Nigeria in 1986. The position she held until her death in 1994.

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