Vice Baba Aladura Oladapo Calls For Unity In Christendom As The Eternal Unveils Mid-Year Conference Plans.

Vice Baba Aladura Oladapo Calls For Unity In Christendom As The Eternal Unveils Mid-Year Conference Plans.

The Vice Baba Aladura of the Eternal Sacred Order of The Cherubim & Seraphim Church (Hotonu Mother Church), His Eminence J. O. Oladapo has called for Christians’ unity and prayers over the state of the nation. 

His Eminence Oladapo, duly represented by the General Secretary of the church, Supt. General Apostle C. A Bayode, made this call on Saturday, April 30, 2022, while addressing a press conference to herald the church’s 2022 mid-year conference hosted by its Lagos Central Territorial Conference. 

Oladapo charged Christians to be prayerful, particularly on governance and the security challenges being faced by the country.

The Cleric said, "Our country, Nigeria is passing through a challenging period in almost all facets of human endeavours, but the rate of insecurity has never been as worrisome as we are experiencing it now (2 Tim.3:1)

"Boko Haram and banditry have almost taken over the country, committing heinous crimes against God and humanity. People found it difficult to travel, while farmers have abandoned their farms. Nobody can sleep with two eyes closed. Kidnapping, killing, and wanton destruction of lives and properties are common news with little to cheer us up.”

"Government weapons have failed to deliver us, as soldiers and policemen have become easy prey to the armed bandits (Psa.20:7)."

He said that the only solution, however, was to intensify prayers. 
"The only thing left for us to survive this period is prayer (Eph. 6:18). We must continue to seek the face of God, fast, and pray for this country (1 Tim.2:1-2). All that is happening now has happened before in the Bible and when people realize their mistakes (sins) and asked for forgiveness, the good Lord intervened, fought their battle, and healed their land (2 Chro. 7:14)," he said.

Speaking on the participation of Christians in politics, the cleric noted that the church had stood aloof for a very long time, and could no longer do so. 

When asked if the church was now promoting politics, Bayode responded by saying it was correct to nurture potential politicians from the church as they would not depart from the good teachings when they eventually got to power.

He stated that those who were interested in politics should go ahead and deliver with the fear of God.
When also asked about his opinion on the attempts to gag religious leaders from speaking critically on the state of the nation, he maintained that everybody had the right to say what he felt like saying, adding that the contribution of individuals was important to whatever the country had become today.

On politics, he said, "There has been increasing clamour by various Christian bodies encouraging Christians to join politics. Yes, we see nothing wrong with it for those who have the wherewithal to play the game. The issue of State and Religion has been settled for a long time and I may not want to bother you with history, but Christians that have joined politics must go there with virtues and remain clean and not lose focus of their motive in life of making the Kingdom of God.

"In Nigeria, we have had Christians as Presidents, Ministers, Governors, and Local Council Chairmen but can we say the environment has made them perform as real Christians. Your answer is as good as mine. What we need is to be united as Christians and Pray for this country. The major solution to the social, economic, and political challenges Nigeria is facing is prayer."
Oladapo concluded by enjoining Nigerian leaders to be truthful and committed to making life better for the masses of Nigerians, urging Nigerians to also seek the face of God and pray for guidance to elect new leaders.

The General Secretary also noted that one of the major reasons for the conference slated to hold from May 13 - 15, 2022, is for the wings and structures of the church to give accounts of their stewardships. 

According to the Secretary, there have been significant improvements in the evangelism drive, which has been the major focus as a church and this has necessitated the expansion of the Territorial Conferences.

The Charmain of the programme organizing committee, Special Apostle Olamilekan Bello also outlined a series of activities of the mid-year conferences which include the opening ceremony, musical concert, special thanksgiving service, etc.

Other men of God at the conference were Supt. General Apostle Prophet F.T Agunbiade, Supt. General Apostle Ogunfowora, Supt General Apostle Soyemi, Snr Supt. Apostle Isaac Adeyemi, Supt. Apostle Osinubi, Special Apostle Adebanjo, Senior Apostle Barr. Patrick Goungo, Evangelist Olayinka Napoleon.

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