96th Seraphim Day Anniversary would be a refreshing time in God's presence - Apostle Tayo Ajose

96th Seraphim Day Anniversary would be a refreshing time in God's presence - Apostle Tayo Ajose

Senior Apostle Tayo Ajose is one of the assistant Secretaries-General of the Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria. He has been the chairman of the Planning Committee of the Seraphim Day Anniversaries in the last two years. He highlights the plans for the 96th Anniversary of the Church scheduled for Saturday, September 11, 2021

As the chairman of the Planning committee, what should we expect from the church at 96?

Yes, September 11 has been slated for the celebration of the 96th Seraphim Day anniversary. The Ceremonies and anniversaries Committee. (C&APC) could have made a full plan of one week programme to mark the event but the current third wave of Covid-19 has prevented us doing such.

However, the church, being full of 
grateful hearts for God’s grace and mercy seeing the Church through thick and thin, we shall hold a 
Thanksgiving Service at the Seraphim 
Land to commemorate the 96th Seraphim anniversary of the church.

COVID- 19 restricted members from attendingthe last year’s edition of
the Seraphim Day anniversary, the
third wave of COVID-19 is the talk of the day as you mentioned. So, what’s your committee doing to mitigate the spread of the third wave among members who will attend?

The Committee, that is the C&APC, has put in place strategy to observe all the COVID-19 protocols. We are blessed with big auditorium and chapel that can accommodate all worshippers while observing the COVID-19 
protocols and we have made enough arrangement for that purpose. So, I can assure you that we have carefully taken all these into the planning for 
the event and I have no doubt that all will be well that day.

What’s the mode of celebration for this year’s anniversary?
We saw how the event was celebrated last year in an unprecedented low key fashion. 

Are we seeing a mega celebration this time round like we used to see say three four years ago?

The celebration will be mega, no doubt about that. The only difference 
between this year’s own and that of last two years is that we are not 
planning to provide free buses to take people down to the venue as we used to do.

We hope churches will assist in providing these buses to conven their members down to  venue.We shall discuss with Public Bus Operators to pick up people from major car parks to the Seraphim Land and allow them alight at the Seraphim 
Land Bus stop for easy access to the 

What should Seraphs attending the 96th anniversary look forward to?

They should look out for a refreshing time in the presence of God. The 
programme has been packaged in a way that there will not be a dull 
moment.The hymns, praise worship sessions
prayer sessions and parade of the the day a memorable day for all. The Word of God will be delivered by the Supreme Head of the church while YKDAVIDS will be ministering as a Guest Artiste.

What is your plan for Seraphs who will not attend the event physically and those in the Diaspora?

We know that it is possible to have some Seraphs and non-Seraphs that may not be able to attend the 
programmes physically. Hence, we have made provisions for online transmission of the service through platforms like Seraphnews, Seraphstories and Seraph youth media.

We implore all Seraphs and nonSeraphs that may not be able to attend physically to join the service through 

With respect to last year’s theme, which was ‘Revive Your Work, O
Lord’, this year, you chose ‘Thou Shall Not Be Termed Forsaken’. What informs the choice of this theme?

Let me inform you at this juncture that the Theme for last year and this year were from the Supreme Head and it has always been through divine inspiration. The Lord usually speaks to the Church and the entire Nation through the 
theme for the anniversary.

 Consequent upon this, one would expect this year that the Lord is stating here emphatically to the church and the church that ‘Thou Shalt No More Be Termed Forsaken, Neither Shall Thy Land Any More Be Termed Desolate: But Thou Shalt Be Called 
Hephzibah, And Thy Land Beulah: For The LORD Delighteth In Thee, And Thy Land Shall Be Married.” - Isaiah 62:4. It is a word of prophecy for all.

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