The Pathway to Rest Is God's Presence – Pastor Ajose Odukoya

The Pathway to Rest Is God's Presence – Pastor Ajose Odukoya

Pastor Ajose Odukoya, during his sermon on  Sunday 19th January, 2020 at the Youth Fellowship C&S Movement Church, Surulere District, said the pathway to living in dominion is God's Presence, “God's Presence is the way to rest.” He buttressed it from the book of Exodus 33:3-15, where Moses said " show me your ways and God responded, My presence shall go with thee and I will give you rest".
The sermon topic: “The Sovereignty of God “ with the theme, “Living in Dominion”. The preacher with great insights and revelation explained the word “Sovereignty” as a political term coined from a latin word "Superanus" which means supremacy or paramount. He gave an extensive definition of the sovereignty of God, that no other god on earth can be compared to our God Yeshua.

Here are the Seven (7) realities of the Sovereignty of God he stated:

  • He is Uncreated: Our God wasn’t created; HE has no beginning. HE is a God who self-govern himself without any external factor. His sovereignty didn’t begin and it won’t have an end.
  • Creator of the Universe: He's the source and sustainer of all He created and commanded.
  • He is Supreme and subjected to none: He is unquestionable and not subjected to an authority. No international community, internal or external body can challenge him.
  • He reigns, rules and overrules : Reigns means He's in power, Rules means He's in control, and Overrules means He rules out things that is not in favour of His children. There is a difference between reigning and ruling. In parliamentary system of Government, using an example of the England government. The queen is reigning but the prime minister is ruling. When God is not allowed  to rule, He overrules.
  • His words are law, they carry power and authority. He is not a God whose command would not be done.
  • He can do all things: The government of the world cannot do all things but what you can imagine or think of even, beyond He can do all things.
  • He does what He likes: He is seated in heaven doing what He likes.


He further stated there are two dimensions of God sovereignty; the perceived state where we see His wonderful works and what HE has done which we have created our understanding on.The other is the real state where we see God as He is. What if there is no creation? what if God doesn’t exist? God is God irrespective of what HE does or not. Your existence isn't what makes HIM GOD. He is GOD all  by himself. Your worship should not be dependent on the perceived state.

Finally, He stated that the strength of your dominion is inched on your knowledge of God. What activates your living in dominion is your knowledge of God. We need to know Him, acknowledge His power and understand His ways. Our God is an organized God, His kingdom is organized by these principles: Worship, Mercy and His Presence.

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